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This is one of the nicest Herbie Miller birds, and earliest, I have ever seen . It is all oil and signed and dated from 1958.   I have owned this for a long time and it's time to move along. It could be a decoy or decorative.   I think it would look great on a shelf.        $975.00



This decoy was created by Bob Seabrook. It was modeled after a Jake Barrett and is in excellent antique condition.

This exact decoy was pictured in Loy Harrell's book, Decoys: North America's 100 Greatest Decoys.


James West Tuckerton NJ He only made about 1 1/2 dozen of these, great paint and form.  $700.00 for the pair



















This is a solid Brant decoy probably Long Island . It is very old made by an unknown maker in original paint with some checks in  the body, nothing serious but the whole bird is very appealing and folky. New to the market   $750        















The nicest George Strunk decoy I have ever seen. This is hollow, oversized, open-mouthed, rigged, signed, with glass eyes and wonderful feather paint and crossed wings.   George is the premier carver in NJ with many accolades and awards. There is none better.   






         George Strunk made this oversized Bufflehead decoy with a raised wing and unbelievable paint. The feathering and blending is superb. This "decoy" is one of the nicest I have ever seen him make and I was very lucky to get it. Buffleheads decoy to their kind much more readily than other decoys which is why this bird is so good. This is really a one of a kind bird and yet it still has his signature  on the bottom. A truly magnificent piece..       


                                            $1250.00  or best offer



An unknown Delaware River? carving with an old repaint  which is nice, especially for a mantelpiece.  The paint looks thick and neat for an old timer definitely and shows usage.






A great dupicate of an Ira Hudson Blackduck by Reggie Birch of Chincoteague Va. It was made to look exatley like Hudsons bird including the splashed on shellac. The bird is in the balanced feeding position with lead feet very rare and well done. Totally never used to hunt with but it sure doesn't look like it.   



$         $2100.00 relisited




A classic New Jersey Canada goose from the Tuckerton Absecon area, probably made around the 1890's with some cracks and an old working repaint. Geese were not real prevalent  maybe 4-6 in a rig if not less.  sold





A wonderful miniature Canada Goose by Wm Cranmer mint signed on the bottom dated 1970 a great bird.   About 6-7 inches in length

$ 450.00




















Three shorebirds attributed to Jack Updike -Green Bank - one small bill repair all one piece probably made in the 30,s great condition- $675.00        
One of the rarest, pair of Common Eiders by Jersey,s best George Strunk Glendora NJ        
in excellent condition about 8 inches long  glass eyes signed   relisited $  1200.00        










A great old Barnegat Bay bird. This has all the traits of an old bird from a light patina to shot marks. The maker is unknown but some of this guys carvings have sold for big money. I think this is a lower Barnegat Bay bird but it sure wasn't used hard.


















This, unknown to me, Delaware River drake Bufflehead made to the smaller size.

Great old paint with no fancy blendings but surely shows its age. Look at the peculiar weights and brand.                           






A huge oversized oversized

ommon Eider by famed Vermount carver Will Kautz This is a one of a kind piece made for me, hollow and a wonderfull bird for the hearth. It is huge,at least 32 inches in length, larger than life, a super piece. RELISTED   $1000.00


Miniature Mallards that show their age with cracked and old paint.  They are about 8 -10 inches in width with hooks fastened.

$575.00 for the pair


















George Strunk at some of his best. Here is a wonderful and rare Robin in oils and great painting.  $450.00


A great miniature mallard  hen. feather painted and very good condition.














Here is a Parkertown Brant in very old repaint in structurally great condition. I originally thought Lloyd Parker but I am not sure totally, usually his weights were not inletted but there always exceptions and the weight could have been put in by the hunter. We have researched the C Cran brand but haven't been able to find the owner. The form and patina are great, terrific Jersey brant and wonderful brand. This has been in my collection for years here is your chance to own it.

  $875.00   *



Brad Salmons 1864-1928 Staffordville New Jersey Salmons was a very prolific carver who developed a style of his own similar to his neighbor, Joe King of Parkertown. His decoys were stylistic, durable and practical for a market hunter or a "sport". They were hollow as is this Broadbill and could take the rough water of Barnegat Bay. This ,new to the market, Scaup is in what appears to be largely original paint minus the weight and no problems structurally. A great old patina that dates from its origin around 1900.

$1350.00   relisted  or best offer


Here is a wonderful decorative Standing Canadian Goose with a great patina and cracked finish. It about 15 years old and would look great on the mantle. It is about 24 inches high on a great driftwood base  best offer  $250.00  Sold



A St Clair Flats bird  in old hunting paint. It appears to be a hen Scaup with the hunter initials. It is hollow  and the head seems to me to be original to the body.  Look at the carving under the bill.



jJoe Tom Cranmer Manahawkin New Jersey 1864-1944 One of Manahawkin's best baymen and the mentor for Bill Cranmer carver. Joe Tom's decoys were very functional as well as pure examples fo a clean look for South Jersey Folk Art Geese are rather difficult to attain yet here is a great one. Used but not abused ( a slight crack in the neck stabilized)The body appears to be original blended paint. A wonderful bird that rivals HV Shourds for looks by a recognized maker.



Willie Ross miniature mergansers Chebeague Isle Maine 1878-1954 Atrio of matched sized RB Mergnasers in original paint

I have seen one or two together but the three are unique No problems with them they have a great patina and old look

$ 800.00 but marked down to $695.00


Jesse Heisler Burlington New Jersey 1891-1943 One of the premier Delaware River carvers he made many species but largely Blacks This drake pintail is one of

his better pieces.  It is in total original paint worn to a wonderful appeal the way collectible decoys should be found. It is dry with the original leather and weight. The

snuggle  head postion makes it very appealing. You can see the number from the rig with lettle dots on the lead weight. A rigmate to this is pictured in Fleckstein's NJ Decoys

This bird has been in my collection for a long while and basically is fresh to the market since I got it from a long time collector years ago. It is a special bird sold  new price



A super miniature Widgeon in original paint Unknown carver but not his first carving this was in my personal collection. It has a date in pencil on the bottom

1946 plus something else maybe the carver. Has a great old patina and nice feather paint not a Crowell but pretty nice its

about 4 1/2 inches long.



A nice miniature pair of Goldeneyes with Courtney Allen  Cape Cod Ma written on bottom. Great original paint with super detail

for a small pair overall 4inches with feet and and nice base Judging from the paint I would say 1940's These also came from my

personal collection and first time offered.



A great Bird Tree by Carver Manfred Scheel of Penn. This is a great folk art piece by a recognized carver. The tree is around 30 inches tall with a fine selections

of folk art birds  Wonderful piece of Folk Art

$6 50.00    relisted or best offer


Hurley Conlin Manahawkin New Jersey  1913-1993 One of the most known Jersey carvers whose work can be found in all decoy books. Conklin made very few minis nthe is hissing goose is signed and dated  on the bottom. It is in total original paint and is overall 10 inches long  painted by Conklin in his great style. A must for mini collectors as well as Jersey Collectors.

140# repriced $400.00 or best offer


Unknown Illinois River Pintail in fair condition. Nice original paint on back, a crack in the neck but priced to sell

$400.00 120#


Russ Allen Oceanville New Jersey  This is a great  hollow cedar working weather made to use. It was mounted on my shop for a number of years then I "revaned" with a Striped Basswhich is now sold.Russ, who is noted for his decoy repair work, is a wonderful folk art artist whose work is very collectible when you can get it. This weather vane is modeled after the flying HarryV. Shourds brant and responds super to any breeze from a light wind to a gale. It includes a wooden handmade arrow and brass direction letters and the mountings that can put it on any roof. This is the nicest weathervane I have ever had and if would look great on a roof or in a den. Usually my shipping is included in the price but in this case (size) we would have to predetermine the cost depending on where ii is going.

$1150.00 121#  repriced





Joe King Parkertown NJ 1835-1913 One of Jersey's oldest Decoy  makers. This hollow Bluebill has Kings carved eyes, ice groove and inletted weight. Probably made around 1870 it shows the scars of luring many a duck to doomsday. There are shot scars along with a cracked but stable neck. This birds is in an old huntng repaint done by another noted carver Clark Madara of Pitman. It features his patented squiggle lines done with a paint pen.  a really old unique Jersey bird for a great recession price.


$550.00 129# repriced


Harry V Shourds Tuckerton NJ 1880-1920 This a a restored drake Scaup in great condition and done by the New Jersey master restorer Russ Allen of Oceanville. Structurally perfect and the paint has the old distressed patina  which gives it a great eye appeal. Super buy

$425.00 130#


A super Canadian decoy which may be attributed to Wayne Shaddock Trenton Ontario. It is extremly light  hollowed out paper thin as the St Claire Flats birds . The bird is 100% original and is chip carved with a great fluted tail and glass eyes. with a nail in the bill at the tip. The body is 10" long and shows some wear This has been one of my favorite decoys and I have owned it for about 10 years. Canadian birds have great charisma but this decoy is heads  above the rest. A wonderful piece.

relisted at $1500.00 148#


George Strunk Glendora NJ A super rare Strunk Striped Bass mounted on a plaque. This was one of only two that George ever made and in all probability he won't make any more. This fish is made of hollow cedar with glass eyes and is done in the meticulous Strunk technique. It is about 3-4 years old (according to George)  and is one of the nicest Striped Bass  I have ever seen. It is painted in oil paint in George's wonderful style , the fish itself is 30 inches long mounted on a very nice  plaque with routered edges. More pictures on request Strunk collectors must have this

$2000.00 153#


William Cranmer Spray Beach NJ A working oversized Blackduck signed and dated 1958 from Bill's personal rig. This bird is a flocked painted bird  and in great condition that Bill used in his own rig it is hollow made from Jersey cedar. He made 18 of these and hunted them  and has given them away over the years(never sold). I had two of these so am selling one of them. Its about 24 inches long and 9 inches wide with a keel . For a Cranmer collector a must, for a decoy collector  " a should have" and it is reasonably priced

Sale price $500.00 156# special

Another piece of Folk art history Lou Barkalow Forked River New Jersey Red Breasted Merganser circa 1920's. Lou was the son of  Joel Barkalow, famous for his shorebird decoys. Lou also made  many great shorebirds and some duck decoys with his Mergansers being the rarest of them. This bird is solid  cedar  with total original but worn paint. The weight on the bottom features LB inscribed as well as LB embossed in the wood.  It is 15" long and 5" wide with painted eyes There is a long split on the bottom which has stabilized many years ago and is not seen at all unless you flip it over. A truly great decoy


$3000.00 158#

Joe Tom Cranmer Manahawkin NJ. A great New Jersey  Canada Goose in original paint for the most part and structurally very good. This decoy has not been messed with by anyone and came straight to my collection years ago from Chris Sprague's hunting rig. You couldn't ask for a better shaped goose than this one, a real nice decoy about 80 years old.

$1400.00 164#

An unknown Redhead from the Delaware River with the J. Boyd brand which can be found on John Blairs and other River decoys. It appears to be in original paint which is flaking but stabilized. It has glass eyes , the original leather thong  and lead bottom pad. The shape is very appealing and it is made from hollowed cedar. A truly great decoy.


$1400.00 168#

A pair of Lou Boldizar Roebling New Jersey which is along the Delaware River. These were probably made in the 40's -50's but are not a perfectly matched pair. Total original paint and very rare. Boldizar is noted in Floating Sculpture and NJ Decoys by Fleckenstein but never sold decoy. The hen is in superb paint a great pair at a reasonable price


relisted at $900.00 169#

Mark Kears Northfield NJ1888-1972 Kears is featured in all the books his style was borrowed from Harry Shourds  who was the master and was very functional. Kears are often mistaken for Shourds shape wise and because of the inletted weight. Kears also built great sneakboxes and other decoys besides blackducks . This bird was used and shows hunting wear with an old split in the neck. It was flocked ( covered with hat felt after painting) which cut down on the glare not for night gunning as is often told.  A good example of an old Jersey blackduck circa 1920  by a recognized carver at a good price

$475.00 170#

Harry Fennimore 1886-1970 Bordentown New Jersey. Here is a Delaware River carver featured in Floating Sculptures by Huster & Knight, one very similiar but not as nicely painted is featured on page 65 . Fennimore carved all species of ducks but Blackducks  are the predominate species  and his were very good and practical. This bird is almost mint paint with feathering t and carved wings. It came from Fennimore's nephew Clarence who carves very nicely himself, also features The Bubba Ross Stamp on it. The bird was made in the late 30's or early 40's according to Clarence with whose family Harry lived in later life and would really add to a Delaware River collection,this exact decoy is found in the article on Harry Fennimore in Decoy magazine November 1990 page 37.Today nice Delaware decoys are very hard to attain and this is one of the nicer.


relisted at $800.00 172#

Harry Boice Absecon NJ circa 1890 Very rare and early Goldeneye from a family of carvers from Absecon New Jersey. Boice carved decoys untill the late 40's. Harry Boice one of the founding fathers of the clan who was a baymen and made the famous Boice rig shorebirds which pop up from time to time. His decoys have a ridge around the tail (usually) this one has the neck crack stablized and is in old hunting repaint.The species is rare which makes this little guy very collectible traces of original paint can be found on it but this is the way it is nice to find birds. This one is left over from my goldeneye collecting days when I had over 200 Whistlers most of which are now gone. It features a carved eye and inletted weight with an old leather thong (not the original one).

$sale price$650.00 174#  or best offer