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A wonderful pair of HV Shourds half size Golden Eyes.  These birds are oil painted with glass eyes and are rare. Great on the wall      $350.00
        One of Cindy Cullers wonderful bowls with painting and a small carved goose. An old bowl painted by Cindy with a old carved goose and able to hang anywhere     $275.00     12"  x   111/2"

Will Hall of Point Pleasant NJ miniature size Canada Goose in original paint and hook with his old signature on the back, great and rare piece  


        $200 .00


A great window sign from this marina painted the late 50' early 60s on metal about an 1/8 thick with oils.

relisited  300.00




A Nova Scotia dory aprx. 36 inches long with aprx. 12 decoys, the boats is around 1900 and the decoys are new, Old Squaw, Scoters  and Eiders.  The oars are old its a great piece.




Sentinel Goose with a super finish This one of the nicest folk art pieces I have seen made by renowned folk artist Will Kautz of Vermont. A soft warm patina that would look lovely on the fireplace hearth or anywhere else in the house. With an oil paint finish and rubbed look.  Relisted 1200.00 





Wonderful old very large hook probably for a sign about 2 feet long








John Holloway Parkertown New Jersey One of the best folk Art pieces around A geniune Holloway Owl Tree. These pieces of folk art are rarer than "owls teeth" John's work is very limited

and this was made special. All indivual owls on a Sasafras tree and branded by John  overall is about 18" high with super carvings you may never see another one


A great Bird Tree by Carver Manfred Scheel of Penn. This is a great folk art piece by a recognized carver. The tree is around 30 inches tall with a fine selections

of folk art birds  Wonderful piece of Folk Art

$650.00 best offer


Russ Allen Oceanville New Jersey  This is a great  hollow cedar working weather made to use. It was mounted on my shop for a number of years then I "revaned" with a Striped Bass.. Russ, who is noted for his decoy repair work, is a wonderful folk art artist whose work is very collectible when you can get it. This weather vane is modeled after the flying HarryV. Shourds brant and responds super to any breeze from a light wind to a gale. It includes a wooden handmade arrow and brass direction letters and the mountings that can put it on any roof. This is the nicest weathervane I have ever had and if would look great on a roof or in a den. Usually my shipping is included in the price but in this case (size) we would have to predetermine the cost depending on where ii is going.



This is a great piece of modern folk art by one of Jersey's masters Russ Allen of Leeds Point New Jersey. It is a finely carved miniature Blue Heronabout 7" tall and signed by Russ. He paints in oil and this piece is about 10 years old and has a nice patina, the crest is made of hair( whose I don't know) Russ makes one of kind works so you wouldn't see this around a great buy right from my collection.


Out of print Decoys Mid Atlantic Fleckenstein hard back $85.00 Decoys of Maritine Canada $35.00Loy Harrell Contemporary Carvers $45.00 Out Print mint copy Floating Sculptures$85.00 Art of the Decoy $45.00 Decoys of the Atlnatic Flyway our of print $95.00 Decoys North American Survey $75.00 out of print Gunners Paradise out of Print $50.00 Chesapeake Bay Decoys out of Print $100.00
Lucky Collecting Decoys soft bound book $25.00  Rare Shelburne Museum 1961 1st edition Bookout of print $ 45.00   Lure of Long Beach Copyrite 1936 First edition $75.00  Duck Shooting Van Campen Heilner Cp 1939  rare dust jacket and in great shape. $75.00  Jersey Genesis Henry Charleton Beck Story of the Mullica River with many decoy stories and local lore a fabulous book illustrated with a rare dust jacket 1st edition $75.00  Very hard to find catalogue Starr Collection Sold Hardbound Hillman Auction catalogue rare$50.00  4 out of 5 of the Mackey Auction Sold  Rare out of print Shorebirds of North America by Van Campen Heilner great condition $100.00

I have never seen another one of these pieces, a Perpetual Charles Briddell Oyster Calandar. Excellent condition with all the pages intact. Briddell advertising material is hard to find there is one located on page 155 of Karsnitz's Oyster Can Book and that is the only one I have seen

best offer over $500.00


A very rare molded clam flask used to hold clam liquer about 3 3/4 wide and very nice piece minus the lid which can be found on other old bottles or flasks


Brass powder flask looks to be an original old one in great condition

$85.00 sold


A beautiful piece of tramp Folk Art including glass 21"x171/2" picture frame I have another one exactly like this to form matching frames

$300.00 each or$ 550.00 for the pair


An North American Indian (tribe unknown) bird catchew great piece from history, it is real



Leather Powder Flask  in great condition Not a Repro