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A great salesman sampler of fishing equipment mounted on its original board with a great patina.   $425.00 or best offer
Cardinal 4 Zebco reel

Made in Sweden.

In good working condition.

Price: $75.00 best offer


Great old South Jersey split oak eel pot. These are uncommon especially ones with the cork lid.  They have an inlet at one end and opening at the other. Great for a den or garage display area



A very unique and different commerical eel trap. Made of netting and willow branches this trap was made in the 40's with steambent green willow as hoopsand lashed together great display piece for a den

$100.00 best offer

George Strunk Glendora NJ A super rare Strunk Striped Bass mounted on a plaque. This was one of only two that George ever made and in all probability hewon't make anymore. This fish is made of hollow cedar with glass eyes and is done in the meticulous Strunk technique. It is about 3-4 years old (according to George)  and is one of the nicest Striped Bass  I have ever seen. It is painted in oil paint in Goerges's wonderful style , the fish itself is 30 inches long mounted on a very nice  plaque with routered edges. More pictures on request Strunk collectors must have this


Brass powder flask looks to be an original old one in great condition

$85.00 sold


Shotshell box  not very common nice condition not torn/

$55.00 sold

Victor box one piece

$45.00  sold

Two piece box of Nitro Clu shells  with aproximate 12 left of very rare BB shot


$200.00  sold

Leather Powder Flask  in great condition Not a Repro


An Eagle Claw clam scratch rake basically used on Long Island Sound. The rakes were used on a handle anywhere fom 4' to 8' long to catch hard shell clams. They are very desirable to collectors from a implement usage but also to folk art collectors. This has been used and dates from the 40's maybe older and is in great condition. Apprx 14"

$145.00 best offer


Here is a super rare eel spear aproximately 22" long and made by a blacksmith on a forge. I have never seen anything like this before. Its a great piece of folk art as well as being used in the seafood trade probably dates from before 1900 and is in great condition.


$400.00 best offer