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Here is a great and very rare Lignumvitae Oyster anvil  (for opening oysters) well used and antiqued naturally  a super piece




I have never seen this tin anywhere it is in great condition and the first time I have offered it for sale. This tin would be a focal paint of

a collection. If you go up I 95 to Boston there is an exit for the Thimble Islands

$1800.00  relisted


A trio of Oceanview Tins packed by J H  Miles of Norfolk The Half Gallon and Pint are very hard to get items

$1250.00 for all three

A super hard oyster can to obtain especially in the condition these are in. The gallon is hard enough to find but then to have a matching pint is awesome. A great buy

$2000.00 for the pair or best offer


Two very rare cans and the half gallon Whiterock is the only one I have seen.

Very good to excellent condition

$$1250.00 or best offer

A fine assortment of J.C. Coulborne Company in some very unusual sizes



A great  oyster Figural with the original paint and sliver cap which makes it super rare. About 7 inches long and probably used to hold oyster liquer (juice) for cooking but I haven't found anyone who really knows for sure.


A nice Robbins Brothers Rare type Gallon in super condition with a nice mellow patina no rust






Here is a cellulite clam from Japan pre WW 2 showing a very neat scene with a waterfall and village


A great East Point Gallon Tin packed by the Greenwich Oyster Co. Greenwich NJ



Another wonderful Stowman Oyster can with a matching lid which also says  New Jersey Oysters  which is are for a Stowman lid the can is in great condition

$175.00 or best offer


Very difficult to find pint of F.F. East Oyster  Company Gallons are available pints are not this was part of my collection.


Scallop glass flask  very rare marked 4 stars  in super condition  with matching top


Clam figural with original paint marked 4 stars in Karnsitz's book



Robbins Brothers Jersey's Best in fair condition no rust but very nice

$90.00 or best offer


Another super hard can to add to one's collection in great condition this is top of the line.

Sale price $2200.00

A very hard to get New Jersey Oyster tin from Du Bois Packing Co in tiny Bivalve in very good to excellent condition This is one of the hardest to get in Jersey cans.

Sale Price $350.00 or best offer

Here is something very rare and both are in excellent condition. A paper label pint oyster tin dating to late 1800's Moore and Brady Deep Sea Brand with a mint Moore and Brady Trade card. The graphics on these pieces are just super and have no tears or major discolorations. A great bit of Oyster memorabilia.


relisted 450.00



A highly sought after tin and very collectible- this one has rust on the bottom but still displays well on the shelf


best offer over $150.00

Here is a great print from Harpers Weekly 1872 entitled Mine Oyster-- Dredgin in the Chesapeake In the matting in great condition $175.00

Matching Wisherd's a pint can and a super rare(maybe one of a kind)quart which is a little shorter than a tall quart.Condition is very good a great matching a rare pair of oyster cans.

$800.00 or best offer

A great print from a n Harpers Weekly


A super rare fish bottle with some original paint on This item can be found in Karsnitz book on Oyster tins and is marked as a rare piece

Relisted at $175.00


Here is a Seal Brand in somewhat less than mint conition but still nice. No through rust just dings and scratches.