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Wayne Reaves of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey,s best new carver of Shorebirds and here are some really great

   ones. These are all painted in oils and very affordable.  The larger ones are $375.00 and the smaller are $325.00

For this price you are getting a bargain. Call to let me know about your selections.   $2400.00 for everything




A very unusual George Strunk Shorebird, a Curlew. This is the best one of these I have ever seen with great carving and paint.The base is great the feather paint is great , a fabulous buy for a fabulous piece.  Hollowed out with glass eyes and a separate bill as well as raised carving.










Thomas Gelston  1851-1924 Oyster Bay New York. A great pair

  of running Yellowlegs made of Cork in original paint. These birds have been used but are in great condtion

and in the unusual position, both running. One bill looks original the other may be but I'm not sure. Gelston birds

have brought big money in the auction circuit but I have priced this pair to sell.

 $3500.00 for the pair   * or best offer




A very nicely carved miniature Yellowleg but an unknown  carverA mellow patina that shows some age maybe 40 years old maybe more a neat reasonable piece






  • If you don't want to spend 12,000 for a curlew spend $225 from Ken Kirby almost exactly like a real H V Shourds  but $250.00

Russ Allen Oceanville New Jersey A super piece of Jersey Folk art by a very collectible artist. Russ is a noted restorer but his carving work is great and very difficult to get. This is a wonderful folky shorebird peep like in size and a very distressed finish. .

$225.00 307#


I think this a Wildfowler copy of a Mason Curlew perhaps Saybrook. It is devoid of paint but you can see where the old paint had been applied. The patina on it is the nicest I have seen of any old bird. It features an iron bill with glass eyes and just a dynamite finish.The body is 12 inches long and 9 inches high a great piece of folk art. Maybe according to the new Dodge book  its a Dodge.

relisted $800.00


Here is a magnificent pair matched of sanderlings from Mass. coast /Cape Cod  in total original paint. They are in super condition and especially hard to find in matched pairs like this actually super difficult. The bills are original and if you look on page 42 of Mackey's book you will find a Yellowleg by this same maker. I have been informed they may be David Goodspeed from Duxburry Mass and out of the  Wakeman Collection but I am not sure. This is the first time I have tried to sell them and they would be a focal paint of any collection a terrific pair of shorebirds.

$6500.00 for the pair  special new price 310# intro to Bill Masengarbs website

Russ Allen Oceanville New Jersey One of the best folk artists in the state today. A dynamic small shorebird probably a lesser yellowleg with an unbelievable old finish. About 8 inches and just great and also very rare. Russ doesn't get a chance to carve as much as he would like since he is a full time restorer.

$300.00 repriced 312#

Bradford Salmons 1864-1928 Staffordville New Jersey One of Jersey's early carvers. Brad won a medal (from his son's interview in 1968) at a show in New Yorkin 1904. He is famous for his split tail birds Here is a mint Yellowleg by a rare shorebird carver. This is the nicest one I have ever seen and is in total original paint and looks to be the original bill Yellowlegs were hunted in NJ until 1934 legally  a great piece of Jersey Folk Art


4000.00 #707

This is a wonderfull Cape Cod plover. A super carving very diminutive and possesses a great old finish. I don't know the name of the maker but it is very Crowell looking. Judging from the paint it appears to be from the 40's a great piece

repriced at $500.00 319#  or best offer

Here are a trio of yellowlegs  made by an unknown maker from the Longport area of New Jersey. They are all in original paint and in wonderful condition especially for being around 100 years old. The middle bird must have been carved at a later date or for some sort of primitive competion between carvers since it shows a little more sanding and sleekness. This area of the Jersey coast(just south of Atlantic City) has been the home of some of the nicest shorebird carvings to emerge from Jersey. I have seen 3 or 4 more of thse birds by the same carver and they are all the same paint and style.

Enjoy thse birds

$1800.00   323#  for all three and the heavy steel stand made for them